"It's profoundly important that every single child leaves school knowing how to cook ten recipes.  That will save their life."  
- Jamie Oliver


  • 1 in 3 children identified as over-weight or obese

  • Obesity rates tripled in 30 years with (StatsCan: Mean BMI of Children 2011)

  • 25% of Canadians have diabetes or pre-diabetes, increasingly at younger ages (CDA 2015)


Let’s COOKSMART with Real Food, made real easy.


COOKSMART workshops for JK-Gr 12 accommodate 6 to 24 students and include:

  • 75 minute to two-hours of grade specific instruction, led by certified COOKSMART instructor

  • Age appropriate techniques for simple cooking, clean-up and kitchen safety

  • Real-world applications for math, health, science, social studies, reading and writing

  • Online resources available for teachers, students and parents

  • Nut-free program. All special diets and allergies accommodated.

Focusing on a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, students prepare, enjoy and clean-up all while learning and practicing kitchen safety in a group environment.

At the end of each session, teachers are provided math and curriculum resources based on the COOKSMART experience, and students are encouraged to share their new skills at home.


Typical COOKSMART session
(75 min) includes:

  • Nutrition tips for healthy living

  • Seasonal vegetable of the day

  • Taste test of new foods in safe environment

  • Washing and preparing Fruits & Veggies for two recipes of the day

  • Eating the snack together using table manners

  • Cleaning up the dishes, tools and classroom together – just like at home


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