Maya,Baking Challenge camper July 2019

This was the best camp of all the camps I’ve ever done! It was my favourite!

Penny Snowdon, Council Member at St. James Catholic Global Learning Center

Thanks, Cooksmart, for an informative, colourful, and nutritionally-rich program. Many students tried a new vegetable or 'rocked' a new kitchen skill in your workshops. And parents appreciated that clean-up was part of the process. I have never seen so many students so eager to wash the dishes !!!

Claire j., parent

The program last week was so good that my kids are now cutting up their own veggies, B. made a cream cheese cucumber dip and the kids are thinking out of the box on what they could make for their snacks.

Great event for the boys. E. and his best bud C. come home everyday with food adventures. Confidence was the goal and your program is working its magic.

Joyce L., Parent

I feel good about equipping my kids with lifelong skills that they will be able to benefit from. Another great Cooksmart program.

AMB, Parent

A. had a great time - she is now making a peanut butter and banana snack for her brother! She may be the best meal prepper in the house soon...which I love!

JS, Parent

My kids loved the Cooksmart program. N. has been asking to eat sushi which is a big step in our house, and both N. and E. are busy making their own smoothies. They have all been more helpful in the kitchen and I. mentioned last night at dinner that you have to taste things with all your tastebuds so it has to be a big enough bite.

Corrine, Teacher

The workshop was so well organized. I have done cooking before with my students and it was pretty chaotic. But when you did it, the class was much more organized.

Maya, student

BEST camp ever! It’s my favorite out of all the camps I’ve been to!

liam, student

I had so much fun baking here this week!

LUKE, Gr 2 student

This is EPIC!  I have never made anything as good as this before!

Y. Li, Parent

A.had participated in Cook Smart Camp March Break. I was so surprised that A. had learnd not only cooking skills but also healthy living concepts. In addition, I found out A. had lots of fun with his peers, it was a seamless teamwork. Personally, I love your take-home recipes so much. I just want to say thank you for all of these excellent work you had done! Best wish for you and your team!


Sylvia M., Vice Principal

With all the different food choices available, it can be a little daunting to get started in the kitchen. Yet cooking is a lifelong skill that will serve students well in the future, not to mention it’s a delicious hobby!

Chisholm Middle School students learned through hands-on experience how to properly prepare a nutritious and colourful meal through the Cook Smart program. Students began their morning workshop with a discussion about proper nutrition and foods which provide health nutrients. Then students learned how to properly wash, cut and prepare foods by following a recipe. The gym was alive with sounds of slicing, dicing, grating and creating a layered bean salad. The students’ patience and teamwork skills paid off as they were able to enjoy their creation at the end of the workshop. Staff and students all agreed that the food was delicious. Students also learned how to properly wash the utensils they used to make their food and how to clean up after themselves in the kitchen.

Overall, the students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to discover their culinary creativity.

Thanks Cook Smart!

Ms. Garcia, Teacher at St. Timothy 

A highly organized program, and the students were totally engaged.

Hayden, Grade 5 student

This is so good! I need to get that recipe so I can make this guacamole for my whole family this weekend.

JK, Grade 3 Student

It was so much fun! I don't know why mothers don't like doing responsible things.

KH, Parent

Of all the camps and activities my children have done, they gave the best feedback about COOKSMART. And they have done a lot of different activities!

Sophia, Grade 2 student

I LOVE Cooksmart! When can I do it again?