"My life's work is to empower people of all ages with the knowledge that what you eat matters, so COOKSMART" 

Kathy Stewart, 
Nutrionist, Educator &


COOKSMART started in the kitchen of Kathy Stewart, with her three small children learning how to cut veggies for their pizza toppings.  The kids were excited to practice their new skills, especially when they could snack at the same time.  As their confidence grew using a knife, they became curious for greater challenges and were soon cooking and baking inspired creations for the whole family.  Seeing the independence that only a few simple cooking skills gave her own children, Kathy created a vision for COOKSMART. 

Kathy's extensive experience as a teaching professional, coupled with her training as a nutritionist has given her the knowledge, skills, and passion to make COOKSMART a reality.  

As statistics report higher obesity rates, more incidents of lifestyle-induced diabetes and lower age expectancy, the need for teaching healthy cooking is greater now than ever before.  Schools haven't taught cooking to all students since 1989, and a whole generation has grown up in a world of convenience foods.  

Our goal is to inspire better food choices and basic cooking for life-long healthy eating.