"It's profoundly important that every single child leaves school knowing how to cook ten recipes.  That will save their life."  
- Jamie Oliver



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Let’s COOKSMART with Real Food, made real easy.

in Class

COOKSMART offers grade-appropriate, curriculum based programs between JK-Grade 8.  Whether it is a single lesson, or in a set of 5 or 10 lesson, students engage in a variety of cooking activities to broaden their skill set.  


After School

COOKSMART is a fun, hands-on cooking program designed to engage students in nutrition and cooking basics, and inspiring them to make healthy choices.  We offer an afterschool program designed to introduce simple nutrition knowledge, new foods, and build kitchen confidence by developing their cooking skills.


Get your kids making healthy lunches at home.  Lunch-ABLES is a hands-on workshop that give kids the skills, confidence and inspiration to make their own healthy school lunches.  We'll make sure they know what are the components of a healthy lunch, how to prepare healthy snacks and have them lunch-bag ready, and some great options that kids con customize to their liking that are nutritious. 


COOKSMART in the Community

COOKSMART will teach your group fresh simple recipes that can become healthy favorites in your house. Whether it's for your GIrl Guides, Cub or Scout troup, corporate event, seniors group or other community group we bring the nutritious Real FOOD and facts for a fun hands-on cooking experience.
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Summer Camps,
March Break, PD Days

Daily routines in the full program include: food planing and preparation lessons and new food tasting.  Participants also get to try their hands at filming and editing cooking sessions for a unique experience.  The program ends with a cooking challenge where participants compete for the COOKSMART Top Chef Award. 

For Teens

Whether your teen is leaving home for college, university, or a job opportunity, learning how to feed themselves healthy food is extremely important.   Help save them from relying upon fast-food, frozen dinners, expensive restaurant and pre-made meals.  Learn how to eat well to avoid the health hazards and prepare their body to survive the stress of assignments and exams.


Want to learn more?  Call 647-894-2086
and see how easy it is to get COOKSMART