March Break Camp Fun!

By: Alannah Codrington

March Break is soon! Have you signed your kids up for a COOKSMART March Break Camp Yet?

Whether it’s a week or day, having time off is always fabulous, it gives kids time to explore different activities and find something that they like. It’s a bonus if they learn something too! March Break is a great time to recharge and try something new!


I remember in my childhood, I had energy that seemed boundless! Sometimes it is so necessary to get active, run around and get the blood flowing! At CookSmart our March Break camps offer times for active games, trivia and play. Other times, mixing mental and hands-on stimulation can relax and keep you engaged too! Learning how to follow recipes, and applying skills hands-on with various kitchen equipment can relax you, create memories and build confidence too!

Trying Something New

At CookSmart from the beginning, we go over general tips on ways we can make something tasty for ourselves while being safe and having fun! Kids come with varying levels of kitchen experience, but there are always new foods, techniques and/or tastes to try.

In our sessions kids learn:

  • Different cutting skills, when to best use differing skills and how to use them safely

  • How to express their creative side through food styling

  • The effects of different cooking methods, such as baking, toasting and simmering.

  • How to use different kitchen tools

March Break camps are fun opportunities to get kids engaged in doing very hands-on and stimulating activities. They will learn about nutrition, cooking techniques and foods that they can bring home to your family! They spend a week making friends, doing fun activities and most deliciously... they will be well-fed!

Sign up for one of our March Break Camps at a location closest to you! Click here!