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Cooking Classes

We’ve been teaching over 25 years, and focus on hands-on learning experiences that make healthy cooking and eating FUN!

Our holistic approach equips our students with the nutrition knowledge and kitchen life skills to independently feed themselves a sustainable healthy diet that encourages more plant-based proteins, as Canada’s Food Guide now recommends. Plus we teach mindfulness and use the Ellyn Satter’s model to ensure our student build develop positive eating and thinking habits about food as recommended by Obesity paediatricians and Eating Disorders psychologists.

One of the most valuable lessons you can give your child is to teach them to cook for themselves. And have fun with it!

“Thank you Kathy! My son had a great time and has been talking non-stop about healthy snacks and protein. He is making us all yogurt fruit parfaits tomorrow lol. He will definitely be back.” - Tracey, parent

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Cooking Classes