Spring is here!

By: Alannah Codrington

Time to spring into some new fresh habits! Now is the time to open up the windows, do some spring cleaning!


Get out there!

We have been cooped up all winter, so get out and enjoy the fresh air as much as you can. The ground may still be damp, however with the kids you can walk around the neighbourhood and go on an adventure or scavenger hunt. Doing all the yard work is a great form of exercise and I'm quite sure the kids would add more fun to the experience! You can also involve the kids with waking up your garden by clearing the old leaves and getting ready to plant seeds and herbs for cooking in the garden. Who knows you may even plant some yummy vegetables and herbs that would be great additions to your meals.

Try something new!

Now that spring has sprung, there may even be more variety of produce at your local grocery store. Try bringing home a fruit or veggie that your kids are not used to. Figuring out how to turn that produce into a yummy dish could be fun! Whether we play with flavours, use a new kitchen skill or tool, trying new things can be exciting! At CookSmart we always encourage everyone to try something new!

You can do it and have fun!

Fitting right along with trying something new, is having a positive attitude and having fun! Sometimes kids might start a COOKSMART session unsure of if they can make some of the yummy dishes because they have never made it before or because the dish might look like it's complicated. However remember, everything takes steps and practice. Our trained and certified instructors, take it step-by-step to build confidence. Whether kids are beginner or advanced, kindergarden or teens, together we can do it and have fun!

Whatever you decide to do, before spring goes into summer try to get out there, have fun and enjoy the season!

Upcoming events

  • We still have some of our Spring Sessions open that you can register for.

  • Also, with great anticipation... Our Summer Camp Registrations are now open!

  • VeggieFest is happening May 12th in Mississauga, come visit us there!