New year, New Adventures!!

By: Alannah Codrington

Happy New Year!!!

This is the time of the year where we often get reflective and look back at the year that passed and also think about the fresh new year ahead.

Have you made any new years resolutions? Thinking about learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby?

Maybe while you are getting into making New Year's resolutions, your kids can make some too?

Having kids make new years resolutions is a fun activity and can help with the practice of goal-setting which is great skill for life!

When tackling a resolution, kids can use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym to help with resolution-making.

Specific – If it is too general it may seem too hard to know where to start on this goal, so narrow down the resolution to a specific area.

General: I want to try a new hands-on, hobby. Specific: I want to try learning how to cooking as a hands-on hobby.

Motivating – Is you child interested in their resolution-making? Being interested and excited in their goals will definitely help them achieve them!

When they grow up, does your child want to be a creative, a chef, a scientist, or work in healthcare? Cooking and baking are great activities to be hands-on, share with people and get creative with nutritious and yummy food!

Attainable – It is always great to know where you're at and go from there. Making resolutions that are realistic is a great because, both you and your child would feel motivated to keep your goal.

Being able cook a 5 course dinner after 1 cooking class, may be a tad bit unrealistic. However being able to make a yummy nutritious snack for yourself after 1 session of CookSmart is a very attainable goal.

Relevant – Is the new year's resolution going to be relevant for your child's positive development?

Learning to cook and feed yourself a more nutritious meal is a skill that everyone needs!

Trackable – Can the progress of working towards this goal be tracked? Having a goal that is measurable will help motivate your child to keep working towards it!

Signing up your child up for a multiple session CookSmart program will improve your child's kitchen skills and confidence in the kitchen and beyond!

Creating New Year's Resolutions that are specific, motivating, attainable, relevant, and trackable will support your child in achieving their goals!

Over here CookSmart is busy goal-setting too! We are expanding and are getting better and bigger year after year! New lunch in-school and after-school programs, PD Camps, March camps and Summer camps are happening in both Toronto and Mississauga.

Online registration is now open. Bring a friend and start something new!

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