COOKSMART is a fun, hands-on cooking program designed to engage students in nutrition and cooking basics, and inspiring them to make healthy choices.  

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My 8 year old daughter attended COOKSMART Camp this summer and absolutely loved it. She is already talking about the next time she goes and what she will learn. - S.D. 
A.had participated in Cook Smart Camp March Break. I was so surprised that A. had learned not only cooking skills but also healthy living concepts. In addition, I found out A. had lots of fun with his peers, it was seamless teamwork. Personally, I love your take-home recipes so much. I just want to say thank you for all of the excellent work you had done! Best wish for you and your team!  Y.L.
"I feel good about equipping my kids with lifelong skills that they will be able to benefit from"  J.L.

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