The Holidays are Here... Bake Safe!

By: Alannah Codrington

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The weather is changing, snow is coming and the holiday season is here!

With the holiday break just around the corner, now is the perfect to time to get cooking in the kitchen! Baking yummy cookies, cakes, pies, goodies and more awaits you!

Now.... with great baking comes great responsibility.... Oven responsibility that is!

As we make cookies and delicious goodness for our family and friends it is a great idea to have the kids join in with all the cooking and baking. Some of the best memories of the holiday season are made in the kitchen, especially while we're making deliciousness with our grandmas and/or someone else we love.

With all that is cooking up in the kitchen, it is really easy to get excited in the kitchen chaos. That being said, it is super important to establish some safety measures to keep our holiday memories jolly and bright.

When it comes to running around, horseplay needs to STOP when you're in the kitchen, ESPECIALLY when the stove or oven are in use.

The #1 cause of house fires is the stove/oven!

So yes we can make some fantastic dishes, however safety MUST come FIRST!

Oven safety

  1. Always ensure eager beavers have an adult present and ensure that children, youth, teens are being supervised.

  2. No dangling hair or long sleeves – Tie up your hair and roll up your sleeves.

  3. Stand to the side – Put in dishes, with oven mitts, from the side of the oven.

    You don't want to take on the full heat of the oven standing right in front of it. Also the distance from the front of the oven to the hot oven racks is also a further, more dangerous reach than the side.

  4. Think ahead – Gather the tools, like oven mitts, you need to handle hot food first. Make sure you have a place to place hot pot/pan when it comes out, like a cooling rack.

  5. Oven checks – Set a timer and don't go wander off while using the oven.

    Follow recipe and oven instructions, and check via, oven light, thermometer, etc. adequately.

  6. Turn off the oven when the baking is finished.

  7. Double check that the oven is fully turned off.

Working with the stove or oven can be intimidating and make you feel like you're in hot water, literally, ha!

But when you know how to work safety with this kitchen equipment you'll know how to keep yourself and those around you safe and you'll be confident enough to whip up a delicious batch of baked goodies in no time!

Let us know what goodies you end up baking!

Keep cooking everyone!