Cook Something Bold Today!

By: Alannah Codrington

Well hello COOKSMART friends!

Welcome to windy November!! As I thought of a topic to write about, luck would have it that today is 'Cook Something Bold Day! So with that being said, I felt inspired to post this blog a day early!

Coined by, Cook Something Bold Day was created to remind us that while we are closing up our houses as the cold weather blows in, let's remember now is the perfect time to create homey hearted bold and pungent meals! This is just in time because we have A LOT ofprogramming happening this November! COOKSMART is kicking off In-school workshops, PD camps, After-school, Youth and Teen programs this month! And if Mississauga is too far away, we have now started programming in the Toronto area as well!

Before the winter season really starts, have the kids register for our sessions, so they can learn the skills and techniques to become kitchen superstars and cook up something bold this the winter!

While keeping toasty at home, cooking bold and pungent dishes doesn't mean your home has to be filled with the overpowering smell of garlic rather than fragrant potpourri. Through incorporating various aromatic spices, herbs and foods, COOKSMART participants explore dishes from various cuisines with aromas that will make your mouth water.

To really up their boldness, the kids apply what they learn about balancing tastes and flavours and get hands-on making creative foods for the COOKSMART Challenge. Kids then gain the confidence to take their skills home into their own kitchens.

Let's bring on the fun and be bold when cooking up a storm this November!