CookSmart Values

By: Alannah Codrington


How was your Thanksgiving everyone?! The time spent with family and all the eating was fabulous! Do you still have turkey left at the end of this week?

The kids that attended our past PD full day Camp had a blast! On October 5th a fun group of CookSmart kids revved their baking skills up! Whether they were new to the kitchen environment or returning veterans, making calzones and apple and pear pies, completely from scratch, upped their skills to a WHOLE. 'NOTHA'. LEVEL!

And to top it off, they learned those baking skills just in time to help bake any pies at home for their own Thanksgiving dinners!

If you missed the October 5th PD camp, October 19th and November 16th are up next!

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Sharing is Caring

Thanksgiving is usually a time we get to slow down enough to remember to be thankful and appreciate what we have. Unfortunately, the need for many of our neighbours facing hunger doesn't stop there and The Compass, a local Mississauga food bank, knows that very well. In our Summer camps we ran food drives and made yummy treats weekly for The Compass.

The kids:

  • Learned new recipes!

  • Put forth their best efforts!

  • Loved the feeling of coming together to make a meal for people in need!

We continue to donate to The Compass throughout the year. Find out how you can help here!

CookSmart Values

All year round we like to make our programming fun, very hands-on and engaging.

We teach kids:

  • Technical skills!

  • How to minimizes food waste!

  • Applicable kitchen knowledge!

We also knead in values such as, good sportsmanship, teamwork and sharing into all of the fun activities we do!

CookSmart strives to support kids with gaining the confidence and techniques they need to learn how to feed themselves and share it with their families at home, which are key skills for life! Be sure to sign your kids up for our next full-day PD Camps on October 19th and November 16th.

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Keep cooking!