COOKSMART is a hands-on, cooking program – for students from kindergarten to grade 12 – designed to build kitchen confidence and help kids learn how to make healthy meals and snacks from REAL FOOD. 

Focusing on a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, students prepare, enjoy and clean-up all while learning and practicing kitchen safety in a group environment. Students are encouraged to share their new skills at home. 

 COOKSMART workshops accommodate between six and 24 students and include:

  • One-hour or two-hour age-specific lesson, led by certified COOKSMART instructor 
  • Age appropriate techniques for simple cooking, clean-up and kitchen safety 
  • Real-world applications for math, health, science, social studies, reading and writing 
  • Online resources available for students and parents 
  • Focus on increasing daily vegetables and fruits 
  • Nut-free program. All special diets and allergies accommodated. 

COOKSMART is available as a single event or in a series of workshops throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Multi-session events finish with a Cooking Challenge to engage students’ creativity and teamwork.